Prayers Not permitted during prohibited periods
Prayers Not permitted during prohibited periods


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


The Timings for Prayer

Section:The Proscribed timings
Topic/Issue:1022 - Prayers Not permitted during prohibited periods --
Agreement:Malik and al- Shafi agreed that delayed performance (qada) of obligatory prayers is permitted during these prohibited periods.
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Imam Abu HanifaPrayers are not permitted in these periods at all, neither prescribed obligation, sunna or the supererogatory prayers), except the asar prayer of the day. They further said that delayed performance (qada) of the asar prayer is permitted at sunset if a person has forgotten itTraditon of Uqba bin Amir implies the inclusion (in the prohibition) of all categories of prayers, obligatory, sanan, and supererogatory.
They decided to make the exception with respect to time, that is, the exception of the particular from the general (the narration of Abu Huraira, prohibited prayers absolutely during these times

They exempted Asar, based on the Narration from Abu Huraira
They considered it to be from the category of the particular word intended for a particular meaning
Imam ShafiThe only prayers that are not permitted during these periods are the supererogatory prayers without a necessitating cause, but those with a cause, like the funeral prayer, are permitted during such periodsThey allowed delayed performance (qada) of obligatory prayers is permitted during these prohibited periodsNarration from Abu Huraira
They said that the implication here is not for the (asr prayer alone, or for the dawn prayer, but extends to all the obligatory prayers. They considered it to be a particular word implying the general
Imam MalikSame as Imam Shafi, but he exempted those that are observed due to a voluntary cause (pertaining to the worshipper himself), like the two rakas upon entering the mosque
When we construe the traditions in their general meanings a conflict occurs between them, which belongs to the category of conflict occurring between the general and particular words, either with respect to the time, or with respect to the term salah
Evidences :Hadith of Uqba bin Amir, Hadith of Abu Huraira, Hadith of Abu Huraira [Hide/Show]
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