The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Covering of Private Parts and the Dress for Prayer

Section:Covering the Awra
Topic/Issue:1024 - Hukum --
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Imam MalikIt is one of the sunan of prayer.They interpreted the verse 7:31 to convey a recommendation said that the adornment mentioned is the external form of the dress or other clothes that constitute adornment. They argued for this on the basis of what is laid down in a tradition that some men used to join the Prophet in prayer with their wrappers tied to their necks, as is done for children, and the women were, therefore, advised not to raise their heads (from the sujd) till the men straightened up into the sitting
Imam Shafi,Imam Abu HanifaIt it is one of the prerequisites of the validity of prayerThey interpreted the verse 7:31 as an obligation and said that the implied meaning is the covering of the ’awra.They argued for this on the basis of the context of the revelation of the verse that a woman used to circumambulate the Kacba naked, so the verse was revealed and "the Messenger of Allah issued the command that from then on no polytheist be allowed to perform the pilgrimage, nor was anyone to make the circumambulation naked "
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Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer, Awra, clothes
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