The description of Adhan
The description of Adhan


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Adhan and Iqama

Section:Adhan - The Call to Prayer
Topic/Issue:1101 - The description of Adhan --
Agreement:Linguistically: Information. Technically:Information about the time of the commencement of the prayer.
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam Malik, Jursit of MedinaDual Takbeer: 4 repetitions of the shahadah, dual pronouncement of the remainder.Total 17 Statements. The Adhan of Bilal
Imam Shafi'i, Later MalikitesDual shahadah in a lower tone followed by dual pronouncement aloud.Total 19 Statements, with Tarji'. The adhan of Abu Mahdhrah in Makkah.
Imam Abu Hanifa, Jurists of KufaFour takbeers, dual pronouncement for the rest.Total 15 Statements. Most widely used description.
Jurists of Basra, Hasan al-Basri, Ibn SirinFour takbeers, 3 shahadas with Tarji.Total 17 Statements.
Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal, DawudAny of the four description can be chosen.
The conflict of traditions. For the morning prayers, majority maintained that "prayer is better than sleep" should be pronounced. Imam al-Shafi'i disagreed. The jurist dispute whether it was pronounced in the days of the Prophet (SAW) or it was added later during the reign of 'Umar (RA).
Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer, Adhan, Iqama
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