Imama of a Woman
Imama of a Woman


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


The Congregational prayers and the Conditions of Imama

Section:Conditions of Imamah and Issues of Precedence
Topic/Issue:1506 - Imama of a Woman --
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majority,Imam Shafi,Imam MalikIt is not permitted for a woman to lead meanHad this been permitted such permission would have been transmitted from the first generation (of Islam). Further, a known practice in prayer is that women should stand behind men therefore it is obvious that their being at the front is not permitted. The Prophet (Gods peace and blessings be upon him) said, 'Keep them behind insofar as Allah has kept them behind'
Imam ShafiPermissible to lead other WomanThey have equal precedence for purposes of prayer. This has also been narrated from some members of the first generation.
Imam Malik,Imam Abu Hanifa,Imam AhmadIt is NOT Permissible to lead other Woman.
Abu Thawr and al- TabariPermitted her imdma in absolute terms (i.e. whether leading men or women)Hadeeth of Umm Waraqah
Evidences :Hadith of Umm Waraqah [Hide/Show]
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