Ahkam specific to the Imam
Ahkam specific to the Imam


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


The Congregational prayers and the Conditions of Imama

Section:Conditions of Imamah and Issues of Precedence
Topic/Issue:1507 - Ahkam specific to the Imam --
Issue #1: Pronoucement of Ameen after he has completed the fatihah, or only the followers? The Prophet said, when you hear the imam say dhoolleeen, say ameen, it doesn’t say say it with imam, but to have it coincide with angels. However, another text exists in which the Prophet said Ameen
Issue #2: When to pronounce the takbeer of commencement? 1. Imam says takbeer when the caller for iqamah reaches qadqaamatis salaah 2. At the end of the iqamah, the takbeer is called
Issue #3: Whether he is to be led on if he waivers in recitation. 1. Yes: majority 2. No: Hanafi
Issue #4: Whether his place of prayer is to be higher than that of his followers 1. Yes: If there is a reason, then yes, otherwise it is disliked. 2. No:
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