Parts of the hands to be rubbed
Parts of the hands to be rubbed


The Book of Ritual Purification (Tahara) - كتاب الطهارة من الحدث.


Book of Tayammum

Topic/Issue:156 - Parts of the hands to be rubbed --
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam ShafiSame as whudoo which is upto the elbowsPreferred the narration from Ibn Umar (RA) (and others who narrated similar narrations like Ibn Abbas) over that of Ammar (RA) on the supporting analogy with ablution
Imam MalikIt is recommended up to the elbows but the obligation is to rub the palms of the hands
Imam AhmadUpto the wristBased on the narration from Ammar (RA)
al-Zuhri, Muhammad ibn MasalmaObligation extends to the shouldersBased on the another different narration from Ammar (RA)
Ahl Al-ZahirRub the palms of the hands only
The term "yadd" in the language of the Arabs is used in all three meaning: 1.the hand only 2. the hand and the forearm 3. the hand,forearm and upper arm
Evidences :1 - Sahih Bukhari [# 335], Hadith of Ibn Umar, Hadith of Ammar [Hide/Show]
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