Minimum number in the congregation
Minimum number in the congregation


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Friday Congregational Prayers

Section:Conditions of Jumuah
Topic/Issue:1610 - Minimum number in the congregation --
Agreement:They agreed that the conditions of the Friday prayer are the same 8 conditions for obligatory prayers except for the time and call for prayer.
A permanent area has to be established for salaat ul jumu'ah.
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam Abu HanifaThree persons beside the ImamThe minimum for plurality is three, and also imam is not included in the count.
Imam MalikThey did not fix a number, but said that it should be a number sufficient to establish a settlementThey took into account what is usually applied to a congregation by custom, said that it is not valid with two or with four, and they did not fix a minimum limit for this. As the condition for the (validity of) Friday congregation was that it be held in a permanent settlement, they fixed for this a number of people who are able to establish a permanent settlement by themselves.
Imam Shafi,Imam AhmadMinimum number of people: 40They relied on the report that this was the number of the group who held the Friday prayers for the first time (in Medina, just before the Hijra of the Prophet).
The reason for their disagreement stems from their dispute over the minimum number that can be referred to in the plural whether this is three or four or two, and whether the imam is included in.. this number. The narration that mentions a number is weak, the one that has a number doesnt stipulate a minimum, so linguistically 2 is a jumuah, but does that include the imam or not, so maybe its 3.
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