Praying during the Khutba
Praying during the Khutba


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Friday Congregational Prayers

Section:Elements of Jumu'ah
Topic/Issue:1624 - Praying during the Khutba --
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MajorityHe should offer 2 ra'ka.The general implication of the words of the Prophet (God's peace and blessings be upon him), "When one of you arrives in a mosque, he is to offer two rakas ", conveys that anyone entering a mosque on a Friday is to offer two rakas even if the imam is delivering the sermon. They also use the narration of Jabir
Imam MalikNot to pray.The evidence of the command of paying attention to the speaker in silence requires that the entrant is not to occupy himself with anything that distracts him from silent attention, even if such an activity is worship.
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 1899] [Hide/Show]
Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer, Congregation, Friday, Jumu'a
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