The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Prayers during Journey

Section:Curtailing Prayers while Traveling
Topic/Issue:1701 - Hukum --
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Imam Abu HanifaCurtailing prayers is an obligation for the traveller and is determined for himNarration of Aisha and the acts of the Prophet that he shortened his prayer in all his journeys, and it has never been proved authentically that the Prophet had ever offered the complete prayer during a journey
some disciples of Imam ShafiCurtailing and completion are both obligatory for him by way of an option, like the option in case of expiation (kaJra)traveller. Its being a fixed obligation, however, conflicts with the rational meaning, while its being an exemption conflicts with the transmitted words. Thus, it is necessary that it be (either) an obligation with an option, or a sunna. This is a kind of reconciliation (of the evidences).
Also supported by narration from Anas
Imam MalikCurtailing of prayers is a sunna
Imam Shafi (best known opinion)It is an exemption and offering complete prayers has greater meritThe (rational) meaning arising from the curtailing of prayers for a traveller is an exemption because of the existence of hardship, just as he has been exempted in the case of fasting and other things
Further supported by Narration of Yala ibn Umayya and Abu Qalaba
All this indicates leniency, exemption, and the removal of hardship, and not that curtailing of prayer is obligatory or a sunna
Evidences :Hadith of Yala ibn Umayya, Hadith of Abu Qalaba, Hadith of Aisha, Hadith of Anas [Hide/Show]
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