Method of Combining Prayers
Method of Combining Prayers


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Prayers during Journey

Section:Combining prayers
Topic/Issue:1722 - Method of Combining Prayers --
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam MalikPrefer to delay the first prayer and offer it with the second prayer, however, if they are combined within the timing of the first that is also permittedEstablished through tradition of Anas
Imam Shafi, Imam Malik (another narration)Both ways are equal - second may be advanced to the timing of the first or it may be the other way around.Principle that preference is not undertaken on the basis of adals, i.e. one adala is not preferred over another adala for determining the obligation of action upon the tradition. So if the tradition of Muadh is proved authentic, it is obligation to act upon it, just as it is obligatory to act upon the tradition of Anas
Evidences :Hadith of Anas, Hadith of Muadh ibn Jabal [Hide/Show]
Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer, Travel, Combining, Method
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