Skins of dead animals
Skins of dead animals


The Book of Ritual Purification (Tahara) - كتاب الطهارة من الحدث.


Book of Removal of Impurities

Section:The kinds of impurities
Topic/Issue:184 - Skins of dead animals --
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam Shafi, Imam MalikTanning purifies the skin of ritually slaughtered animals.Narration of Ibn Abbas. Slaughter is a substitute for the purpose of purification.
Imam Malik (another opinion)Tanning doesn't purify the skin but they can be used if no moisture is involvedNarration of Abdullah ibn Ukaym abrogated previous traditions because they date is as late as one year before the Prophet (SAW) death.
Imam Abu HanifaTanning purifies the skin of all animals except swine
One group of JuristAll skins (whether tanned or not) can be utilized.Narration of Maymuna. They prefer this tradition over that of Ibn Abbas as it contains addition over that of Ibn Abbas tradition, as the prohibition of utilization prior to tanning cannot be derived from Ibn Abbas (RA) tradition, which speaks of purity but utilization is different from purification.
Another group of JuristAny skin (whether tanned or not) can't be used.Narration of Abdullah ibn Ukaym
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 707], 2 - Sunan Abi Dawud [# 4115], 3 - Sahih Muslim [# 713] [Hide/Show]
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