Pollution of urine
Pollution of urine


The Book of Ritual Purification (Tahara) - كتاب الطهارة من الحدث.


Book of Removal of Impurities

Section:The kinds of impurities
Topic/Issue:186 - Pollution of urine --
Agreement:Jurist agreed about the uncleanliness of human urine and excrement (except for male infant urine)
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam Shafi, Imam Abu HanifaUrine and excrements for all animals are uncleanProphet (SAW) prohibited praying in the resting place of camels, This show uncleanliness.
They deemed the permissibility of drinking the urine of camels in the case of the Urniyin as medication
Imam MalikHukum of their urine and dung is dependent on the hukum of their flesh. The animals that are considered abominable (for food), their urine and dung are also abominable. Prophet (SAW) permitted prayers in the resting places of animals, shows the cleanliness of their excrement and urine, as also in the case of the Urniyin and deemed the prohibition of praying in the resting places of camels an act of worship and as conveying a meaning other than uncleanness
Similarly, we can't draw analogy with man because excrement of man is repulsive by nature , while that of animal is not.
Group of JuristUrine and excrements for all animals are absolute cleanConstruct the analogy of all other animals over man. They didnt consider the permissibility of praying in the resting places of animals as implying the cleanliness of their urine and dung, but deemed it to be a hukum resting upon a revelatory non-rational sources
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