Permissibility of observing Witar after Dawn


The Book of Prayer - كتاب الصلاة.


Discussion of Witr Prayer

Topic/Issue:1902 - Permissibility of observing Witar after Dawn
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Imam Shafi,Imam Malik,Imam AhmadPermitted as long as the worshipper had not yet performed the morning prayerIt is related from Ibn Masud, Ibn Abbas, Ubada ibn al-Samit, Hudhayfa, Abu al- Darda, and Aisha that they used to observe witr after the break of the dawn and before the morning prayers, and there was no opposition from the other Companions over this
abu Yusuf and muhammad(the disciples of H)ProhibitedThe apparent meaning in the traditions about this (matter) is that it is not permitted to observe witr after dawn as in the tradition of Abu Nudra
Further, the tradition of Abu Hudhayfa is explicit about this as recorded by Abu Dawud, where it is said, "It has been prescribed for you (from the time) between the isha prayer till the break of the dawn"
Evidences :Hadith of Abu Nadra [Hide/Show]
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