Husband bathing wife


The Book of the Ruling of the Deceased - كتاب أحكام الميت


Bathing the Deceased

Topic/Issue:2003 - Husband bathing wife
Agreement:They agreed on the permissibility of a woman bathing her (dead) husband
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
majorityIt is permittedThey did not hold death to be similar to divorce and said that what is permitted for him to see before death is permitted for him after it.
Imam Abu HanifaMan is not to bathe his wifeThey considered death similar to divorce and said that it is not permitted to him to look at her after death. Abœ Hanifa equated death with divorce for he held that if a man’s wife dies it is permitted to him for marry her sister, as is the case when she is divorced
Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer,Dead,Bathe, Man,Women,Husband,Wife
See Also:Case of persons who are martyred by robbers or who die in a war with people other than the polytheists.
Woman dying among men or a man dying among women when there is no spouse
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