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Shroud for the Dead

Topic/Issue:2016 - Number of Garments
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Imam Shafi,Imam AhmadA man is to be enshrouded in three garments and a woman in fiveThey understood from the numbers in Narration of Aisha (RA) and Layla bint Qaif, the stipulation of permissibility. They upheld the fixing of a number, either by way of obligation or by way of desirability
Imam Abu HanifaThe minimum shroud for a woman is three garments, but the sunna is five, and the minimum shroud for a man is two garments, but the sunna is three
Imam MalikThere is no limit in this, and even a single garment is valid for both, except that he preferred an odd numberNarration of Aisha (RA) and Layla bint Qaif have the meaning of permissibility and hence they did not fix a number though they preferred an odd number, as the traditions agree upon that, and they did not differentiate in this between a woman and a man. It appears that they derived permissibility from these two traditions, except for fixing a number, and thus derived from it a rule on the basis of compatibility with the law.
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 2053], Hadith of Layla bint Qaif [Hide/Show]
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