Raising of the Hands
Raising of the Hands


The Book of the Ruling of the Deceased - كتاب أحكام الميت


Prayer over the Janaza

Section:The description of prayer over the janaza
Topic/Issue:2031 - Raising of the Hands --
Agreement:The jurists agreed on the raising of hands at the time of the first takbir pronounced over a dead person
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
some juristHands are to be raised in all takbirsThey held the second takbir to be the same as the first, as that is what is done for each takbir pronounced while standing or rising up
other juristHands are not to be raisedThey adopted the apparent meaning of Narration of Abu Huraira, and their view about prayer was that hands are to be raised only in the first takbir
Evidences :Hadith of Abu Huraira [Hide/Show]
Tags :Worship, Salah, Prayer,Dead,Prayer,Funeral,Description
Last Updated:2011-01-30

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