Prayer over martyrs who had fallen in battle
Prayer over martyrs who had fallen in battle


The Book of the Ruling of the Deceased - كتاب أحكام الميت


Prayer over the Janaza

Section:Who is to be prayer over and Who has precedence
Topic/Issue:2042 - Prayer over martyrs who had fallen in battle --
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Imam Malik,Imam ShafiA martyr who has fallen in battle is not to be prayed over or bathedNarration of Jabir
The Shafies considered the tradition of Ibn Abbas as defective and said that it was related by Ibn Abu al -Zinad who used to contradict himself in his later years, and also that Shuba used to doubt its accuracy. The mursal traditions are not persuasive proof in their view
Imam Abu HanifaHe is to be prayed over but not bathedMusnad from Ibn Abbas. Similarly it is also related as a mursal tradition from Abu Malik al- Ghifari
. Similarly, it is related that when a dweller of the desert was hit by an arrow in his throat and died the Prophet (God’s peace and blessings be upon him) prayed over him and said, "This is a servant who went out to strive in Your way. He has fallen as a martyr, and I stand witness over him "
Evidences :Hadith of Jabir, Hadith of Ibn Abbas [Hide/Show]
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