Age at which an infant is to be prayed over when it dies
Age at which an infant is to be prayed over when it dies


The Book of the Ruling of the Deceased - كتاب أحكام الميت


Prayer over the Janaza

Section:Who is to be prayer over and Who has precedence
Topic/Issue:2043 - Age at which an infant is to be prayed over when it dies --
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Imam Malik,Imam ShafiThe infant is not to be prayed over unless it was heard crying at the time of birthNarration from Jabir. They said that this tradition is explanatory while Narration from al-Mughira ibn Shuba is general. It is necessary to interpret the general in terms of the explanatory tradition. Thus, the meaning of the tradition of al- Mughira turns out to be: "The infant is to be prayed over if it is heard crying at birth"
Imam Abu HanifaInfant is to be prayed over when life has been breathed into it, and this happens when it is in its mother's womb at least for four monthsNarration from al-Mughira ibn Shuba. It is known that the prerequisite for prayer is hukm of Islam and life; thus, if the infant moves he is alive and his hukm is the hukm of the Muslims, and any living Muslim when he dies is to be prayed over. They preferred this general meaning over the qualified meaning of the Narration from Jabir, because of its conformity with analogy.
Evidences :Hadith of Jabir, Hadith of al-Mughira ibn Shuba [Hide/Show]
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