Spend on One category vs on all?
Spend on One category vs on all?


The Book of Zakat - كتاب الزكاة


The Persons to whom Zaktit is Due

Section:The number of categories to whom zakat is due
Topic/Issue:2565 - Spend on One category vs on all? --
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Imam Abu Hanifa,Imam MalikIt is allowed to the imam to spend it on one category or on more than one category, if he thinks that there is need for it. The implication of the verse requires that he should place greater emphasis on the needy (at the time), as the purpose of zakat is the elimination of want. Thus, the enumeration of these categories in the verse that has been laid down, in the view of these jurists, is because of distinguishing the categories, that is, the persons entitled to the zakat and not their partnership in it.
Imam ShafiThis is not permitted and that he is to spend it on the eight categories mentioned in the words of Allah.The literal meaning of the verse requires that it be divided among all of them.
Also used the narration of Al-Sudai
Evidences :Hadith of Al-Sudai [Hide/Show]
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