Muallafat Qulub
Muallafat Qulub


The Book of Zakat - كتاب الزكاة


The Persons to whom Zaktit is Due

Section:The number of categories to whom zakat is due
Topic/Issue:2566 - Muallafat Qulub --
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Imam MalikThere are no such persons today. There is no need for them today due to the strength of Islam. This is recourse on his part to jurisprudential interests (maslaha)
Imam Shafi,Imam Abu HanifaThis category does subsist till today if the imam considers it to be so, and they are the people who are to be induced and encouraged to abide by Islam.
The reason for their disagreement is whether this was a right specific to the Prophet (Gods peace and blessings be upon him) or it was available generally and to the rest of the umma.
Tags :Worship, Zakah, Categories, Muallafat Qulub
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Last Updated:2011-02-12

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