Persons on Whom it is obligatory


The Book of Zakat al-Fitr - كتاب زكاة الفطر:



Topic/Issue:2601 - Persons on Whom it is obligatory
Agreement:They agreed unanimously that the Muslims are the addressees in the command, whether male or female, minor or major, slave or freeman.

As to the persons on whose behalf it is obligatory, they agreed that it is obligatory on each person who is able to pay it on his own behalf, for it is a zakah on the person and not on wealth. It is also obligatory on the person to pay it on behalf of his minor children if they do not own independent wealth.

The majority maintain that a man is not obliged to pay on behalf of his minor children if they have their own wealth sufficient for zakatul -fitr.

Affluence is not a condition for this kind of zakat,according to most of the jurists, and there is no nisab, but they only stipulated that this zakat be a surplus over his need for food for himself and for his family.

The majority maintain that this zakat is not dependent on the prerequisite of being a mukallaf (that is, a person responsible for the performance of worship), as is the case with other forms of worship. The obligation, therefore, applies to minors and slaves (and to the insane person). (It is to be paid on their behalf by their guardian or maintainer.)
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