Sighting necessary for Every Land?
Sighting necessary for Every Land?


The book of Fasting - كتاب الصيام


The (Integral) Elements (Arkan) of Fast

Topic/Issue:3002 - Sighting necessary for Every Land? --
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Imam Malik (one opinion), Imam Shafi, Imam AhmadIf it is established for the people of one town that the people in another have sighted the moon, they are under an obligation of qaqa for the day observed by others and missed by them.By reasoning, if the timing of the rising of the sun and the stars in different lands does not differ very much, it is necessary that one should follow the other, as by reason they have the same horizon. If it does differ much, however, then it is not binding upon one region to follow the other
Imam Malik (another opinion)Sighting on the basis of a report is not binding upon people not living in the land in which sighting occurred, unless the imam requires the people to do so.The apparent meaning of narration from Kurayb is that each land, near or distant, must sight the moon
Evidences :Hadith of Kurayb [Hide/Show]
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