Non food Items
Non food Items


The book of Fasting - كتاب الصيام


The (Integral) Elements (Arkan) of Fast

Topic/Issue:3006 - Non food Items --
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Imam MalikIt is obligatory to abstain from things that reach the gullet through any opening, whether they are food or non-food.
The reason for their disagreement over these things stems from the analogy drawn from food for those that are not food. This is so as things expressly mentioned are food. Those who thought that the purpose of fasting has a rational meaning did not link non-food with food. Those who maintained that it is a worship that does not have a rational meaning and that the aim of fasting is abstinence alone from things that reach the stomach held food and non-food to be the same (for this purpose).
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Last Updated:2011-02-13

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