The book of Fasting - كتاب الصيام


The (Integral) Elements (Arkan) of Fast

Topic/Issue:3007 - Cupping --
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Imam AhmadCupping breaks the fast and abstaining from it is obligatoryNarration of Thawban. They preferred this over the Narration of Ibn Abbas as it imposes a hukum while the tradition of Ibn Abbas removes it, and that imposing it is to be preferred over one removing it.
The tradition of Ibn Abbas has two probabilities; namely, it is the abrogated or the abrogating tradition. This invokes doubt and doubt does not necessitate action nor does it remove a conviction necessitating action. This is in accordance with the method of those who do consider doubt to be operative against conviction
Imam Malik,Imam ShafiIt is disapproved (deprecated) for the person fasting, but it does not break the fastThey sought to reconcile the two traditions and interpreted the proscribing tradition to mean disapproval and the tradition depicting cupping to imply the removal of prohibition.
Imam Abu HanifaIt is neither frowned upon nor does it annul the fastNarration of Ibn Abbas. They used the rule of giving up of the conflicting traditions and having recourse to the original rule of no liability, as the abrogated text cannot he distinguished from the abrogating text.
Evidences :Hadith of Thawban, Hadith of Ibn Abbas [Hide/Show]
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