Should Qada fast be performed consecutively
Should Qada fast be performed consecutively


The book of Fasting - كتاب الصيام


Breaking the Fast and Not Fasting and the Ahkam

Section:Issues Related to Qada
Topic/Issue:3021 - Should Qada fast be performed consecutively --
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some juristqada be performed consecutively like addaAnalogy, in this case, requires that qadda performance be the same as adda, the basis for this being prayer and hajj
t is related from Aisha that she said, "The verse 2:185 was revealed as ’consecutive number of days’, but the word ’consecutive’ was dropped".
other juristNo. Some of these jurists gave the person a choice, with some considering consecutive performance to be desirable, but the greater majority stands for the relinquishment of the obligation of consecutive performanceThe apparent meaning of the words of the Exalted, "(Let him fast the same) number of other days"2:185, implies that the obligation exists for the same number alone and not for consecutive performance.
Evidences :1 - Quran [2:185] [Hide/Show]
Tags :Worship, Fasting, Breaking Fast, Sick Person,Qada,Traveller
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