Person dies having missed obligatory fast
Person dies having missed obligatory fast


The book of Fasting - كتاب الصيام


Breaking the Fast and Not Fasting and the Ahkam

Section:Issues Related to Qada
Topic/Issue:3023 - Person dies having missed obligatory fast --
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Imam ShafiWali is to feed (the needy) on his behalf. Using the verse 2:184
Imam MalikThere is no obligation for fasting or for feeding unless the person leaves a testament to the effect. The principles oppose this, because as no one prays for another or performs ablution for another then no one ¡s to fast for another
Imam Abu HanifaGuardian is to fast. If he is not able to do this he is to feed (the needy).Narration of Aisha(RA) and of Ibn Abbas (RA)
Evidences :Hadith of Aisha, Hadith of Ibn Abbas, 3 - Quran [2:184] [Hide/Show]
Tags :Worship, Fasting, Breaking Fast, Sick Person,Qada,Traveller,Dies
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Last Updated:2011-02-21

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