Acts Specific To Itikaf


The book of I'tikaf - كتاب الاعتكاف.



Topic/Issue:3101 - Acts Specific To Itikaf
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Imam Shafi,Imam Abu HanifaPrayer, remembrance of Allah [by heart and by tongue], and the recitation the Qurn are the only acts required for piety and nearness to AllahThey understood itikaf to mean the dedication of the self to acts that are specific to mosques said that only prayer and recitation are permitted to the mutakif
Its reported from Aisha (RA) that she said sunna for the mutakif is not to attend funerals or visit the sick.
OthersIt includes all the acts required for seeking nearness to AuTh and for piety and that are specific to the hereafter. Worshipper may attend funerals, visit the sick, and be engaged in studiesThey understood to mean devotion of the self to all acts seeking spiritual nearness.
It is reported from Ali (RA) that he said that The person who retires to a mosque is not to indulge in obscenities or exchange abuses, he is to attend the Friday congregation prayer as well as funerals, he is to communicate with his family members if the need arises, but he is to do this while standing and not seated
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