Is Fasting a Condition
Is Fasting a Condition


The book of I'tikaf - كتاب الاعتكاف.



Topic/Issue:3111 - Is Fasting a Condition --
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Imam Malik,Imam Abu HanifaThere is no itikaf without fastingThat the itikaf of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) occurred during Ramadhan. They maintained that the fasting accompanying his itikaf is a condition
Malikies use the narration of Aisha
Imam ShafiItikaf is permitted without fastingIt was a mere coincidence and it doesn't mean that is was the aim of the prophet (SAW) in this itikaf.
He also argued based on the narration of Ibn Umar as the night is not the time for siyam.

Abu Umar said that 'No one has used the words "the sunnah" in the narration of Aisha except Abd Al Rahman and such a narration is not valid'
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 4072], 2 - Sunan Abi Dawud [# 2467] [Hide/Show]
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