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The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Identification of the Obligation

Topic/Issue:3511 - Ruling on Umra
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Imam Shafi,Imam AhmadIt is obligatoryBased on the verse 2:196, which states "Perform the pilgrimage and the umra for Allah". Also the narration of Ibn Umar and what has been mentioned by Abd AlRazzaq and what has been narrated by Zayd ibn Thabit

Narration of Abu Salih is a munqati tradition
Imam MalikIt is sunnaTheir argument is based on authentic and well-known traditions that have been laid down about the number of the obligations in Islam and that do not mention the umra. An example is the tradition of Ibn Umar, "Islam is structured upon five things", in which he mentioned the pilgrimage alone. There is also the tradition of the one asking what Islam is, and in some of its versions are the words, "that you perform the pilgrimage to the House"

They also said that a a command implying completion (as it appeared in the Quranic verse 2:196) does not give rise to an obligation, as it means that once an obligation or a sunna act is started, it should be completed and not cut off.
They also use the narration of Jabir
Imam Abu HanifaIt is vountaryNarration of Abu Salih
Evidences :1 - Quran [2:196], Hadith of Ibn Umar, Hadith of Abd al-Razzaq, Hadith of Zayd ibn Thabit, Hadith of Jabir ibn Abd Allah, Hadith of Abu Salih [Hide/Show]
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