Obligation of Friday prayer at Mina and at Arafa


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


The Station at Arafa

Topic/Issue:3572 - Obligation of Friday prayer at Mina and at Arafa
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Imam MalikThe Friday congregational prayer is not obligatory at Arafa nor at Mina, except during the days of hajj, neither for the residents of Mecca nor for others, unless the imam himself is a resident of Arafa
Imam ShafiSame as Imam Malik except that he stipulated for the obligation of the Friday congregational prayer that there be present at least forty men,
Imam Abu HanifaIf the leader of the hajj is a person whose prayer cannot be curtailed at Mina or at Arafa, he is to lead them in the Friday prayer if this happens by chance
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Last Updated:2011-06-19

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