Person leaves before sunset


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


The Station at Arafa

Topic/Issue:3573 - Person leaves before sunset
Agreement:They agreed that the person who stops at Arafa prior to the declining of the sun and moves from there before the declining of the sun, his stationing there is of no account. If he does not return and stop there till after the declining of the sun or on this night before the rise of the dawn, his hajj is lost
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Imam MalikHe is liable for hajj in the next season, unless he returns before dawn. If, however, he leaves before the imam, but after sunset, his act is considered to be valid. Based on the action of the Prophet (SAW)
majorityThe person who stays on at Arafa till after the declining of the sun his hajj is complete, even if he leaves before sunset, except they differed about the obligation of atonement for him.Narration of Urwa ibn Mudarris. They agreed that the meaning of his words, "by day", in this tradition imply that it is after the declining of the sun
Evidences :Hadith of Urwa ibn Mudarris [Hide/Show]
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