Is Spending the night Sunnah or Obligation


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of the Acts at Muzdalifa

Topic/Issue:3581 - Is Spending the night Sunnah or Obligation
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Imam ShafiThe person who spends the first half of the night there and then leaves not spending the whole night is liable to atonement
majorityIt is not an obligationTheir reliance is upon the authentic tradition from the Prophet ( Gód's peace and blessings be upon him) that he sent the weak members of his family during the night and they did not stay to witness the morning there with him.

They argue that the Muslim jurists agreed unanimously on relinquishing the adoption of all that is in the Narration Urwa ibn Mudarris. Thus, most of them maintain that the person who stops at Muzdalifa during the night and leaves before the morning prayer his hajj is complete, and so also the person who stays the night there and kept on sleeping without praying. They also agreed that the person who stays at Muzdalifa without engaging in the remembrance of Allah his hajj is complete.
Al-Awzai and a group of the TabiunIt is an obligation of hajj, and the person who misses this is under an obligation to perform hajj in the next season and along with the sacrifice.Narration Urwa ibn Mudarris . They said "the person who observes this prayer with us " means the morning prayer at Muzdalifa. They also rely on the verse 2:198
OthersIt is not an obligation of hajj, and the person who misses the stay at Muzdalifa during the night is liable for atonement by sacrifice.
Evidences :Hadith of Urwa ibn Mudarris, 2 - Quran [2:198] [Hide/Show]
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