Person who relinquishes the throwing of pebbles


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of Throwing Pebbles at the Jamrat

Topic/Issue:3594 - Person who relinquishes the throwing of pebbles
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Imam MalikThe person who relinquishes the throwing of pebbles at the find, in part or completely or even at one of them, he is liable to atonement by slaughtering an animal.
Imam Abu HanifaIf he relinquishes this completely he is liable for atonement by slaughtering an animal, but if he misses one pillar or more he is liable to feed needy person with half a saa of wheat for each pillar missed until the amount reaches the sacrifice of an animal. This, however, does not apply to the Jamrat al-Aqaba and the person who misses it has to sacrifice an animal.
Imam ShafiFor each pebble missed he is liable for one mudd of food, for two pebbles it is two mudds, but for three he is liable for sacrificing an animal
ZahiritesThere is no atonement
AlThawriSame as Imam Shafi except that he imposed the sacrifice of an animal on the fourth pebble.
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