Person prevented due to illness


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of the Person Prevented

Topic/Issue:3602 - Person prevented due to illness
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Imam ShafiHe can be released from the restrictions of the ihram only by undertaking the circumambulation of the House and the racy between al-Safi and al- MarwaHe can be freed from the restrictions of the ihram by undertaking the umra, because the loss of his hajj, having missed the rites at Arafa due to a prolonged illness converts the hajj into umra.
Imam Abu HanifaHe is freed from the ihram where he is and his hukm is the same as that of the person prevented by the enemy, that is, he is to send his sacrificial animal to the Haram and is to watch for the Day of Sacrifice and then be fully free from the ihram on the third day (of Dhual- Hijja).Narration of Al-Hajjaj ibn Amr Further, they argued on the basis of their consensus that circumambulating the House is not a condition for moving out of the state of ihräm for a person prevented by the enemy
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