Acts that neccessitate ransom


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of Ransom for Ailment and the Hukm of the Person Shaving his Head before the time

Topic/Issue:3612 - Acts that neccessitate ransom
Agreement:The jurists agreed that it becomes obligatory upon a person who shaves off his head' due to necessity arising from disease or due to an injury caused in the head by an animal (insect). The majority of the jurists maintain that anything that is not allowed to the muhrim like (wearing) stitched garments, shaving of the head; clipping of nails, if he permits it to himself he is liable for ransom, that is, atonement by slaughtering an animal, in accordance with the dispute they have over it, or feeding of the needy. They did not make any distinction in these things on the basis of hardship. They hold the same in the case of using fragrance
Tags :Worship,Ihram,Hajj, Ailment, Shave, Sacrifice, Ransom, Nails, Fragrance
Last Updated:2011-06-19

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