Place of ransom.


The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of Ransom for Ailment and the Hukm of the Person Shaving his Head before the time

Topic/Issue:3615 - Place of ransom.
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Imam MalikHe may do what he likes in this case, if he prefers to do it in Mecca he may do so, and if he likes he may do it in his own land. Slaughter of an animal, fasting, and feeding are the same for him for this purpose.Based on the analogy of this with the offering. The thing that is common between this sacrifice and the offering is its purpose of benefiting the needy around the House of Allah
Imam Abu Hanifa,Imam ShafiAtonement by slaughtering an animal and feeding are not valid outside Mecca, but fasting may be undertaken wherever he likes.Can't draw analogy with offering. As the law has made a distinction by naming one of them nususk and the other hady it follows that their hukm must he different.
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