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The Book of Hajj - كتاب الحج.


Discussion of Expiation for the Mutamatti

Topic/Issue:3630 - Person can't find an offering
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Imam MalikIn the case of a deficiency that becomes associated with the ihram, whether it is due to cohabitation, or shaving of hair, or prevention, if the perpetrator of the act cannot find an offering he has to fast three days during hajj and seven when he goes back, and feeding of the needy does not enter into this.Imam Malik held the atonement by slaughtering an animal that is binding here should be similar to the atonement in the case of the mutamatti,
Feeding of the needy is only applicable in the expiation for killing game and the expiation for the elimination of an ailment.
Imam ShafiHe held it to be similar to the atonement that is obligatory in fidya (ransom).He maintained that fasting and feeding have been laid down as substitutes for the slaughtering of an animal in two places, while their substitute has not been mentioned on a single occasion, thus, the drawing of an analogy for the unexpressed cases from those that are expressed in the case of food is better.
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