Which animal has greater merit
Which animal has greater merit


The book of Sacrifices - كتاب الضحايا


The Categories of Sacrifices, Their Characteristics, Ages, and Number

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Imam MalikThere is greater merit in sacrificing rams followed by cows followed by camelIt is not related from the Prophet (God's peace and blessings be upon him) that he made a sacrifice of anything other than a ram
Imam Malik, interpreted Narration of Abu Huraira to apply to offerings (during hajj) alone, so that the saying should not conflict with the acts (of the Prophet)

The great sacrifice (the tremendous victim) that was made by Ibrahim (AS) as ransom (for) his son Ismail persists as a sunna up to this day, and that was a sacrifice (of a ram), and this is the meaning of the words of the Exalted in 37:107
Imam ShafiFirst are camels then cows then rams.Hadith of Ibn Umar (The words dhabh and nahr have been used in the tradition. The word nahr is used for slaughtering an animal by striking at the base of the neck. This method is used for animals with long necks, like the camel)

Also can use the Narration of Abu Huraira

Furthermore, the sunnah of Ibraheem (AS) doesn't prevail today
Evidences :Hadith of Ibn Umar, Hadith of Abu Huraira, 3 - Quran [37:107] [Hide/Show]
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