Number of Shares in Sacrifice
Number of Shares in Sacrifice


The book of Sacrifices - كتاب الضحايا


Conditions of sacrificial animals

Topic/Issue:3754 - Number of Shares in Sacrifice --
Agreement:They agreed unanimously that a ram is sufficient only for one person (and his dependents), except what is related from Imam Malik that it is valid if the person slaughters it for himself and for the members of his family, not by way of participation but when he buys it alone.

They agreed, however, that it is not permitted for mire than seven persons to participate in sacrificial animals (in the hajj nusuk), even though it is related in the tradition of Riff ibn Khadij and through Ibn 'Abbas and others that a camel may be shared by ten (persons). Al- Tahawi said that the consensus on the point that more than seven persons cannot participate in sacrificial animals is an evidence that the traditions (implying the contrary) are not authentic.
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Imam MalikIt is permitted that a man slaughter a ram or a cow or a camel as sacrifice on his own behalf and on behalf of the members of his family whose maintenance is binding on him by law. The same applies to an offering.The principle is that only one animal is valid for one person, because of which they prohibited participation in sheep. They said that only one animal is valid for one person as the command for sacrifice cannot be split into parts as the person participating in the sacrifice is not covered by the designation "sacrificer ", unless there is an evidence in law to this effect

Imam Malik preferred this principle over the analogy, as he objected to the tradition on the grounds that this was when the polytheists prevented the Messenger of Allah (God's peace and blessings be upon him) from reaching the House, and the offering of the person prevented (muhsar) was not yet obligatory in his view but was voluntary. Participation is possible in his opinion in a voluntary offering, but participation in an obligatory offering is not valid.

He decided in favour of a man and his family participating in a sacrificial animal or an, offering on the basis of what he related from Ibn Shihab, who said, "The Messenger of Allah (God's peace and -blessings be upon him) did not sacrifice more than one camel or more than one cow for his family "
Imam Shafi,Imam Abu HanifaA man may sacrifice a camel or a cow on behalf of seven, as a sacrifice or as an offeringUsing the Narration of Jabir (RA), they constructed the analogy for sacrifices from offerings.
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 3024], 2 - [# ] [Hide/Show]
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