Person who slaughters before the imam has slaughtered his animal
Person who slaughters before the imam has slaughtered his animal


The book of Sacrifices - كتاب الضحايا


The Ahkam of Slaughter

Topic/Issue:3755 - Person who slaughters before the imam has slaughtered his animal --
Agreement:With respect to the time of its commencement they agreed that slaughter before prayer is not permitted, because of the authentic saying of the Prophet (God's peace and blessings be upon him), "One who slaughters before prayer has [on his hands] a goat's worth of meat [not a sacrifice] ". He ordered the person who had slaughtered before prayer to sacrifice again. Further, there is his saying, "The first thing we shall do on this day of ours is to pray, and then we shall make the sacrifice ". Furthermore, there are other authentic traditions that convey the same meaning. They disagreed about the case of a person who slaughters after the prayer, but before the imam has slaughtered (his animal)
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Imam MalikIt is not permitted for any person to slaughter his sacrificial animal before the imam doesIn contrast with the Narration of Jundab b. Sufyan, there are other versions with the words "He ordered the person who slaughtered before he [the Prophet] had to sacrifice again"
They considered these (events) to be two separate incidents

Imam Malik's disciples differed over another case, namely, when the imam does not slaughter his animal at the place of prayer. A group of jurists said that these people are to estimate the time for his slaughtering the animal after his departure, while another group said that this is not obligatory.
Imam Abu HanifaIt is permitted after prayer and before the imam has slaughtered his animal.Narration of Jundab b. Sufyan. They considered all narrations, related to the same incident.
Evidences :1 - Sahih Muslim [# 4818] [Hide/Show]
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