Hukm of tasmiya over the slaughtered animal
Hukm of tasmiya over the slaughtered animal


The book of Slaughtered Animals - كتاب الذبائح


Conidtions of Sacrifice

Topic/Issue:3771 - Hukm of tasmiya over the slaughtered animal --
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Imam Malik,Imam Abu HanifaIt is an obligation when remembered, but is dropped in the case of forgetfulnessApparent meaning of the verse 6:121. Imam Malik said this verse abrogated the Narration of Hisham bin Urwa and he interpreted the tradition as belonging to the first period of Islam.
Imam ShafiIt is an emphatic sunna (sunna muakkada)Narration of Hisham bin Urwa. According to Imam Shafi, apparent implication of the tradition is that the incident occurred in Medina, while the verse about mentioning the name of Allah is from the Meccan period. Al-Shafi i adopted the method of reconciliation, because of this, by construing the Quranic command for tasmiya to imply recommendation.
ZahiritesIt is an absolute obligation
Evidences :1 - Quran [6:121], Hadith of Hisham bin Urwa [Hide/Show]
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