People of the Book slaughters for a Muslim
People of the Book slaughters for a Muslim


The book of Slaughtered Animals - كتاب الذبائح


The Person who Can Validly Perform Slaughter

Topic/Issue:3777 - People of the Book slaughters for a Muslim --
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one narration in mailiki schoolIt is permittedThey said that intention is not a condition, and they gave predominance to the general implication in the Book, that is, the words of the Exalted, "The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you' in 5:5

The same is the case for those who believe that the intention of the person authorizing Muslim is enough
another opinion in maliki schoolIt is not permittedThey held that intention is a condition for this said that the slaughter undertaken by Kitabi for a Muslim is not valid, as Islam is a condition for the validity of intention
Evidences :1 - Quran [5:5] [Hide/Show]
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