Filth being mixed up with permissible food
Filth being mixed up with permissible food


The book of Food & Beverages - كتاب الأطعمة والأشربة


The Prohibited Foods and Beverages

Topic/Issue:3792 - Filth being mixed up with permissible food --
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majorityThey took into account mixing alone for purposes of prohibition, even if the food has not changed in colour or smell or in taste because of the filth that is mixed up with it. Narration of Abu Huraira is specific case intended to apply generally. They maintained that the meaning of the tradition is that it is the mixing up of the filth itself that makes a permissible thing filthy, otherwise he (the Prophet) would not have elaborated upon the distinction for them as to whether the filth mixed up with it was in a solid or melted state, as things mix more readily when they are in a liquid state
Zahirites, One Opinion from Imam MalikThey took change into account (colour or smell or in taste)Narration of Abu Huraira is specific application intended to apply to a specific case. They maintained that this tradition is to be considered in its apparent meaning and all other things are to be considered with respect to the change caused in them by the filth.
Evidences :1 - Sunan Abi Dawud [# 3833] [Hide/Show]
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