Increase and Decrease in Dowry
Increase and Decrease in Dowry


The book of Marriage -


The Conditions of the Contract

Section:Dower (Sadaq)
Topic/Issue:4026 - Increase and Decrease in Dowry --
Agreement:The changes made in the dower, before divorce, may be either from her or from Allah. Those that are from Allah may take one or more of four forms: loss of the whole, reduction, increase, or reduction and increase combined. Those emanating from her may be in the form of disposal by her through consumption as sale, manumission, or donation, or in the form of a disposal for her own benefit or for the preparation of a dowry with it for her groom.
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam MalikBoth husband and wife share in the case of loss, or increase or reduction. She does not own it through an indisputable ownership maintain that she is a co -owner in it, as long as she does not transgress, and shares in the benefits with him.
Imam ShafiHusband has recourse to her for half in the case of reduction and loss but he does not claim half from her in the case of increase.The woman comes to own the dower firmly prior to seclusion or death. She owns it through an indisputable ownership, and that division is an obligatory right.
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