Entry into the Mosque
Entry into the Mosque


The Book of Ritual Purification (Tahara) - كتاب الطهارة من الحدث.


Ahkam of Janaba

Topic/Issue:76 - Entry into the Mosque --
Opinion FromOpinionExplanation
Imam MalikIt is prohibitedBased on 4:43
Imam ShafiStaying in the mosque is prohibited but passing through is allowedBased on 4:43, use of the words is metaphorical, so that an implied word "place" is to be assumed inserted, that is, to read "Draw not near unto the place of prayer.." and that the exemption for the traveler related to the prohibition of staying in the place of prayer
DawudPermissible for all cases
Evidences :1 - Quran [4:43] [Hide/Show]
Last Updated:2010-05-29

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